Who We Are

IMG_0411Brooklynn Mocny
Co-founder/Vice President

Brooklynn is 12 years old and from the San Francisco Bay Area. She started The B Star Project when she was in 2nd grade. For the past several years, Brooklynn has been an active member in her community assisting children, the elderly, and families less fortunate. She is concerned about the environment and for the well-being and future of her peers. She loves animals, music, softball, and reading. Brooklynn always tries to perform one good deed a day and thinks the world would be a better place if everyone did the same. She founded The B Star Project in 2009 to encourage other kids to carry out good deeds within their community. Since then, Brooklynn has become the inspiration for many of the organization’s Good Deeds, including the Umbrella Drive and the With Love greeting card programs.

Dawnmarie Steichen
Co-founder/Executive Director

As a parent, school nurse, and active member of the community, Dawnmarie has a deep-rooted interest in improving the world around her and her family. In her spare time, she consults for local start-ups and helps organize community events. Combined with her dedication to health and safety, she leverages her ten+ years of sales and marketing experience to motivate and drive The B Star Project’s vision and programs. She co-founded The B Star Project because she enjoys making people smile, helping others, and giving back to Mother Earth and the Universe . She hopes The B Star Project helps stimulate the youth to get involved in the community that provides a positive foundation for good deeds as an adult.

Greg Steichen

Greg has served his community in past years through volunteer work in Santa Clara County.  He is a father and entrepreneur in the Silicon Valley, but his real passion lays in music where he has lent his musical talents to charity events, such as the Green Party, to help raise awareness about environmental issues.  He has joined The B Star Project to become a more active member in his community for the benefit of those in need, but also to ensure he is encouraging the importance of philanthropy to his children. Similar to the vision of The B Star Project, Greg also believes that happy children make happy adults.