Umbrella Drive


Protecting Our Youth

The rainy season in the Bay Area is from November to February. After many months of fun in the sun, the winter chases many of us indoors and scrambling for warm dry places. The Bstar Project’s 7-year old founder recalls how much fun it is to walk in the rain with an umbrella, and how miserable it is without one.

Each year, hundreds of displaced kids walk or take public transportation to/from school without protection from the elements.  An umbrella is considered a luxury item that displaced families cannot indulge in.  The cost of an umbrella can provide a meal for an entire family.  Struggling parents are not able to splurge on such luxury items for themselves or their children.

At The Bstar Project, we understand how important it is to keep dry, especially during the cold and flu season.   Most importantly, we understand how much fun it is to walk in the rain under the protection of a colorful umbrella.  Every winter, The Bstar Project collects hundreds of umbrellas from generous members of the community and donates them to family shelters around the San Francisco Bay Area.

Would your shelter or organization like to receive umbrellas? Contact us at or call (925)388-6890 for more information.