Where did the name The B Star Project orginated?

The organization was the idea of a 7-year old little girl named Brooklynn.  Her friends and family had nicknamed her “B Star” because she always beamed with happiness, confidence, and positivity. It seemed the most fitting name for the work-in-progress organization she started as it served as a constant reminder that volunteerism has no age limits.

How is The B Star Project different than any other volunteer organization?

Where other organizations are made up of helpful adults, The B Star Project encourages the youth in the community to get involved with volunteerism at an early age.  While we provide little amenities and services, the real goal of The B Star Project is to spread cheer, smiles, and happiness among our less fortunate members of the community.

Why is it important that displaced families receive these “little luxuries”?

We have all had our moments of dispare when a friend or family member helped us get through it emotionally or financially, or maybe both.  Perhaps we lost our job or are going through a divorce.  Whatever our struggle, it was helpful to know you had the support to make it through. At The B Star Project, we believe that being able to enjoy life, especially during difficult times, helps keep struggling families together and stay positive.  We believe that giving one little luxury could make a big smile. We hope the additional support of The B Star Project to any community service organizations offers both support , encouragement, and happiness to their clients and residents.

Is it tax deductible if I donate wish list items, raffle items, or money?

At this time, The B Star Project is not an incorporated 503(c) nonprofit organization.   Any items or monies donated are not tax deductible through us.  We are in the midst of receiving that classification and hope to become an incorporated nonprofit in 2011.  We will be sure to keep our community updated on our status.